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Bone Crossed  - Patricia Briggs

That's not the reaction I was expecting.

I like this flow though!

Hardboiled Mercy

Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson) - Patricia Briggs

"Y'see, sweetheart, I take the call at one point or another. I always repay my debts." Mercy strikes a match and lights a kerosene lamp with it.


elevator to the gallows - streetlights

This is only because I'm listening to the soundtrack of 'Elevator to the Gallows' while reading this. Miles Davis, baby~!


On Bulgaria and libraries

Reblogged from Tina Sandevska:

So it all started a while ago when I posted my praise for a bookseller called Wordery. They somehow found my blogpost, tweeted me and…as of today I am officially a affiliate. What does this have to do with Bulgaria and its libraries you might ask. Well, here's the deal.


Bulgarians don't read that many books; and the books they do read, they mostly read in Bulgarian. Unfortunately foreign literature severely lacks in Bulgarian libraries, especially in the ones located in the smaller towns in my country. Bulgarian libraries have almost no financial support and almost zero budget for new books (especially the smaller ones I mentioned), and, of course, buying foreign literature in the original language is not their top priority.


I recently spent several months in one of the smaller Bulgarian towns; a friend of mine there works at the local library and man, is the situation tragic...


So I've decided to use the funds I accumulate trough this affiliate thingy to buy and donate books in English to local libraries in Bulgaria. I'm not saying you need to go and buy all your books via the Wordery link above. What I'm saying is that if you do use this link to buy at least one book (ever), the money will be used for spreading the love of books. Since I'm unable to visit all Bulgarian libraries, I will be mailing the books to them and I'll be posting updates on how my small humble cause is growing.


So yey for books and being good to others (and I'd greatly appreciate if you reblog)! :)

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Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs

I suddenly decided two things which made Mercy Thompson even more entertaining as a series. Imagine it as a TV show, replete with commercial breaks and filler music, surprisingly good acting and cinematography, snappy comebacks and repetetive info-dumping, as well as a frequent lapse of good judgement.


I'm not being harsh, I freaking love TV drama, even the stuff they show on SyFy and on Space (in CANADA). I am a Lost Girl fan, okay?


But Mercy is growing on me.

unsure kenzie


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Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs

I just saw the term 'episodic fiction' thrown around concerning Sookie Stackhouse... didn't realize it was a thing. It applies here though. Obviously.


I feel like I should like Mercy more than I do. She's got the automatic attraction to these butt-hat werewolves, and there's a dangerous vampire. But there's something about her I don't like. If this is 'good UF' I worry for my future reading experiences.


Reading for an unlikely ship makes things much more exciting though. It's a bit like shipping Sterek. Although I'm not sure that still won't happen. Who knows. Teen Wolf may just throw all things to the wind and do whatever the ---- they want. Thank god. I like that cheesy show.


Just to keep track: Stefan is acting like he could have a thing for Mercy (since that thing with the van in Moon Called whaaaaat was that) and Mercy leaned her head on his shoulder after the Truth Chair. That's signage for future ship teasing. At least a broken heart. Or a beserk vampire. I swear I haven't read any spoilers.

Whenever I need a smile, I think about that scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2, or I look at this poster and bust my gut. I love Billy Burke. Shaving that mustache for Revolution was a crying shame. Look at that sexy mustache.
Whenever I need a smile, I think about that scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2, or I look at this poster and bust my gut. I love Billy Burke. Shaving that mustache for Revolution was a crying shame. Look at that sexy mustache.

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

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Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs

'Female werewolves can't have children; their pregnancies spontaneously abort during the moon's change.'


Does this use of spontaneous bother anyone else? I mean, is this even spontaneous? 'without external stimulation' if the moon causes it...


Oh boy, I think I hit 'buy entire series' a little too quickly. Unless Stefan comes out as a love interest. How will she get over the fact that he smells dead? I SHIP IT.


Mr. Reader's Disenfranchised Monkey

It was overwhelming chaos that met Kara Erickson's announcement on the 21st of September, 2013. Tensions have been high since April, when uncertainty of the future began to stain our horizons following the acquisition by Amazon. I don't think anyone was quite prepared for the reckoning with which Mr. Reader's first words, under a different name, began to appear on the internet. To say, Mr. Reader, that you were a harbinger of doom, would be giving you far too much credit. But a storm did break when you appeared on the scene, perhaps you would agree that you are bad news: that you are somewhat unscrupulous and prone to consuming far more Coffea arabica than is wholesome. Unwed women - and men, for that matter - would be best kept away from you, lest you poison their minds with your wildly disproportionate ideas of social justice and free speech. I will allow this much sentiment to shine through: were it not for your first foray into the world of authorial misconduct on October 12th, we might not have known what to do with the swell of creativity on our shores of the prior few weeks and months.
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Happy Halloween - Listen To David Tennant Read Vampire Stories

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Rubinrot. Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten - Kerstin Gier

I don't know. I just don't know. This book is long, but I feel like I could have handled a 1,000 page book if, I don't know they hadn't set it up like a trilogy. Perhaps we've been spoiled. Once upon a time a book would be published in two parts but would be called Volume 1 and Volume 2, or, if you were Dickens or Hugo, more like Volume 12 and Volume 19. 


Maybe I'm exaggerating a little. But we do need to think about this. Would the Gem Trilogy have been better if all three books had been simple: Book of Gems, Volume 1. Book of Gems, Volume 2. Book of Gems, Volume 3. Selling the omnibus to intrepid readers who could face off one thousand pages with a brave face? 


Longest book EVER bound in a single volume!


If Zettel's Traum could do it, SO CAN YOU!


Unbreak Me Review

Unbreak Me  - Lexi Ryan

"Why are you being so nice to me?" I ask.

"I'm not being nice. You're just too drunk to notice I'm pissed at you." (p72.)


Sweet fluff like all romance, interesting in that it's breaking from the formula (although barely), but never fully forms its good premise, one of not needing to fix a person, but loving the pieces. Lots has been waxed poetic about the splendor of this, and while I enjoyed it, I laughed at myself for that (as well as some funny lines). Thankfully used original lyrics instead of borrowing lyrics from popular songs. More polished than Slammed, but technically also New-Adult since the protagonist was 21, but it felt like a normal romance. I don't know, a lot has happened to the protagonists and while the changing perspective was jarring it was necessary for Lexi Ryan to get the effect she wanted.

But I can't complain. I'd give it 3 stars - liked it - but recommend that you skim it, unless you lurve melodrama, and buy the ebook if you do buy it, the printed version - while sporting a lovely cover - is not good quality. But that's the nature of print-on-demand.

In the end, when Maggie decides to go back to Asher, it felt too easy. She gave up on him when she found out he was married, he tells her the papers are finalized and she goes back to him. Phooey.

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Rubinrot. Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten - Kerstin Gier

Exposition is great and all, but does it not bother you, Gwendolyn, that they don't mention why in the 16th century they made a secret time traveling machine which wasn't figured out until the 18th century? Not even a little bit? Hell, it's bothering me that the Chronograf came without an instruction manual.


I read a review of the series where the reader felt the series could have been crammed into one very long, but more succinct, book. I am beginning to feel the tediousness, and am tiptoeing around 'boredom'. Hmmmm. We're half-way through the book, more than! Why has it taken this long for the story to get going?


Well. Back to it, then.

The Hill of Devi Review

The Hill of Devi - E. M. Forster

The Hill of Devi by E. M. Forster.

E. M. Forster, Morgan to his friends, sits down after WWII and puts together this slim volume collecting letters and remembrances of two visits to India. In 1912 he is introduced to the Maharajah of Dewas Senior and nine years later is employed for a brief time as his private secretary. He recollects the time with minimal self-consciousness, his brief mentions of unrest and Gandhi relegated to his letters, and a tinge of antiquated nostalgia. In 1921 he already sees Dewas gone, absorbed into Madhya Bharat, before it actually happens. The India he visited in 1949, for the modern reader, has already changed dramatically. Sharing similar culture, having the history, but this India as different for us as pre-WWI India was for Forster.
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Rubinrot. Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten - Kerstin Gier

I'm super bad at reading instead of reading blog posts. Wow there are awesome bloggers out there.


Anyway, bedtime, maybe I'll knock another 50 pages out.

Listening to the Porco Rosso soundtrack suits! As does Howl's, shocker.

(Also, Hisaishi, give me your jacket. And WHOA that's some luscious hair you had there.)

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Rubinrot. Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten - Kerstin Gier

I went to the library and it turns out that someone reserved the book online and it was sitting all pretty on the 'reserve' shelf, waiting for them. The head librarian proceeded to take pity on me and show me how to use the online catalog.


I've only been using library online catalogs since BEFORE THIS LIBRARY HAD AN ONLINE CATALOG. So mad.




Also I missed my stop because I had to know what happens next. Screwed up my whole afternoon. (And is Glenda a bitch, or what.)

"Not since Jo dumped Laurie has there been such upheaval in the reading community."

- Q. Perthon on the negative reviews for Allegiant, the last book in Veronica Roth's trilogy.

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