Unbreak Me Review

Unbreak Me  - Lexi Ryan

"Why are you being so nice to me?" I ask.

"I'm not being nice. You're just too drunk to notice I'm pissed at you." (p72.)


Sweet fluff like all romance, interesting in that it's breaking from the formula (although barely), but never fully forms its good premise, one of not needing to fix a person, but loving the pieces. Lots has been waxed poetic about the splendor of this, and while I enjoyed it, I laughed at myself for that (as well as some funny lines). Thankfully used original lyrics instead of borrowing lyrics from popular songs. More polished than Slammed, but technically also New-Adult since the protagonist was 21, but it felt like a normal romance. I don't know, a lot has happened to the protagonists and while the changing perspective was jarring it was necessary for Lexi Ryan to get the effect she wanted.

But I can't complain. I'd give it 3 stars - liked it - but recommend that you skim it, unless you lurve melodrama, and buy the ebook if you do buy it, the printed version - while sporting a lovely cover - is not good quality. But that's the nature of print-on-demand.

In the end, when Maggie decides to go back to Asher, it felt too easy. She gave up on him when she found out he was married, he tells her the papers are finalized and she goes back to him. Phooey.