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Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs

I just saw the term 'episodic fiction' thrown around concerning Sookie Stackhouse... didn't realize it was a thing. It applies here though. Obviously.


I feel like I should like Mercy more than I do. She's got the automatic attraction to these butt-hat werewolves, and there's a dangerous vampire. But there's something about her I don't like. If this is 'good UF' I worry for my future reading experiences.


Reading for an unlikely ship makes things much more exciting though. It's a bit like shipping Sterek. Although I'm not sure that still won't happen. Who knows. Teen Wolf may just throw all things to the wind and do whatever the ---- they want. Thank god. I like that cheesy show.


Just to keep track: Stefan is acting like he could have a thing for Mercy (since that thing with the van in Moon Called whaaaaat was that) and Mercy leaned her head on his shoulder after the Truth Chair. That's signage for future ship teasing. At least a broken heart. Or a beserk vampire. I swear I haven't read any spoilers.