177 of 292 (Almost like 66%?)

Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs

I suddenly decided two things which made Mercy Thompson even more entertaining as a series. Imagine it as a TV show, replete with commercial breaks and filler music, surprisingly good acting and cinematography, snappy comebacks and repetetive info-dumping, as well as a frequent lapse of good judgement.


I'm not being harsh, I freaking love TV drama, even the stuff they show on SyFy and on Space (in CANADA). I am a Lost Girl fan, okay?


But Mercy is growing on me.

unsure kenzie


Also I'm bummed that Jesse didn't turn out to be the Kenzie to Mercy's Bo. Then again, Mercy also isn't fighting the powers as strongly as Bo is. 


Also, it was mentioned in the previous book that Adam has a picture of Mercy in his bedroom. We just got a peek in the bedroom, did Mercy see a picture? No.


Also, coyotes are awesome and all, but they do best in packs, and they know it. I hope these absolutely miniscule tidbits we are getting will lead somewhere.


Also also also also also, I used also too much.


The bit with Cody at her house was pretty damn freaky. I know we're presuming Stefan is dead, and his being totally dead makes it hard for me to ship him with Mercy, but here I go. I hope she lays a big ole' smack on him when she finds him. Even though I know she won't.


(I should be fast asleep. Ugh.)