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Rubinrot. Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten - Kerstin Gier

I don't know. I just don't know. This book is long, but I feel like I could have handled a 1,000 page book if, I don't know they hadn't set it up like a trilogy. Perhaps we've been spoiled. Once upon a time a book would be published in two parts but would be called Volume 1 and Volume 2, or, if you were Dickens or Hugo, more like Volume 12 and Volume 19. 


Maybe I'm exaggerating a little. But we do need to think about this. Would the Gem Trilogy have been better if all three books had been simple: Book of Gems, Volume 1. Book of Gems, Volume 2. Book of Gems, Volume 3. Selling the omnibus to intrepid readers who could face off one thousand pages with a brave face? 


Longest book EVER bound in a single volume!


If Zettel's Traum could do it, SO CAN YOU!