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Saphirblau - Kerstin Gier

I hate this book less than Pathfinder, and that had to overcome a lot for me to like it in the end. This one... has so many little things that annoy me. I hate that told myself I had to finish this book before I could read the next Mercy Thompson book.

I have so many pages to go.


Had this book been pared down, losing all the easy-hate-tricks for Gwen's family. Unless Kerstin turns this around in the end and shocks us with what good people they are... Don't make easy villains your only villains for the better part of the story! Don't have idiots who dislike reading as your heroines! Don't make your heroine petulant! Don't have too many characters who are only incidental. Don't forget to make sacrifices when you write!


Why do German popular novels suck so freaking much? I know they suck just as much in all languages, but the thing is - when you read more slowly, you absorb and think more about it. Had I, like my Austrian friend, plunked down and read all three books in one fell swoop, I might have fared better. As it is, I can feel just how out of shape the series is. And I will be glad once I have the last book in my hands and have shut it once more. I just hope the resolution will be worth it.


Or at least my German continues to improve. Let's go.