31 of 242 (aka German Ebook Time!)

Saphirblau - Kerstin Gier

So, book two, as some have stated, feels less like a sequel and more like volume 2 of a longer work. If I go off this theory, I hate it less.


I mean, Gwen is still acting like someone readers may have a hard time liking (protagonists who dislike/hate books/reading are hard for a reader, holding a book, to fall in love with), that swarthy boy, Gideon, is sooooo changable!, and suddenly we are introduced to a deeper world: Demons!? I mean, I don't know 'Gargoyle' but thats written as Dämon in German, which is similar to Dæmon... anyway!


I wish...

The count pisses me off even when he doesn't appear on the page. Gwendolyn has resumed not communicating when she should for the sake of spinning the plot out further. I mean, fluff. Fluff is nice when whipped into ice cream, but it doesn't taste good on a thin-crust pizza - your unique opinion is not included, outlier.


One of my rights as a reader is the right to skim. I am invoking it, sparingly. If I skim too much in German, I'll pass right over the Battle of Pelennor Fields. Never again.